What is the Best Way to Heat Your Pool?


What is the Best Way to Heat Your Pool - Fairland

As we all know, swimming is good for our health. It can effectievely exercise the whole body muscles. Now, more and more people love swimming, as it can keep healthy and burn fat.

However, you have to keep swimming for a long time. Otherwise, it is hard to achieve a good result as you expeted. But even in early summer, the water in the pool is still a bit cold. What should we do then? At that time, we have to use the heating system which can help to heat the pool temperature to the desired temperature for swimming.

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of ways to heat your pool. But which one is the best way to Heat Your Pool? Let me tell you now.

1. Solar Heating

It is a common type of heating system. It absorbs the energy of the sun, coverts it into heat, and finally transfers the heat to warm the water in the pool. In this process, solar panels use solar energy to heat the pool, so the yearly cost is almost zero, which is more eco-friendly.

But it is only an alternative solution, as it depends on the weather condition. For example, in winter, in places with little sunlight, it is difficult to maintain the required temperature at all times.

2. Gas Heating

Just as its name implies, it uses natural gas for pool heating. It is connected to the boiler through a heating system. Nowadays, there are automatic devices for safety check, so no need to worry about the danger of gas leakage. However, there is one thing to watch out: heating the water by gas is very slowly...

3. Air Source Heat Pump

It operates like an air conditioner, using the heat of the outside air to heat the water. Using the heat pump for pool heating is quiet and energy saving, as it consumes less power. With the development of technology, Full-inverter pool heat pumps are gradually walking into our daily lives.

Fairland Inverter-plus is powered by the unique and innovative Full-inverter technology. It makes the pool heat pump being able to bring you half running cost and 10 times quieter swimming environment based on AVERAGE performance. For example, using only 1 kilowatt of electricity can generate 15 kilowatts of heat. In addition, the COP of traditional pool heat pump is generally 5, but Fairland Full-inverter heat pump can reach to 16. Now, which one is the best way to Heat Your Pool? Fairland will do everything possible to provide you with the best experience.

By Altea Yao