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Established in 1999, Fairland has been focusing on heat pump manufacturing for 20 years. From only 8 staff in the foundation to 300 employees today, we are united in our unwavering belief that the booming of the swimming pool heating industry relies on our mutual efforts. We believe innovative technology will bring great value to global partners and end-users.

In the past 7 years, Fairland has been dedicated to the Full-inverter technology. Today, this original and unique technology wins the praise...

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Value & Mission

Customers First, Persistence in Technical innovation

Fairland puts customers at the first position. Meeting customers' expectations, is not simply related to the product quality and cost, but also to the usage experience and every detail of the service. It is related to the deep requirement which they may even not notice, such as, the swimming pool heat pump should be more silent, the power consumption should be largely reduced etc.. Fairland always works beyond customer’s expectation...

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Hi Kids - Fairland Original Full-inverter Heat Pump and Pool Heating Solutions

What is Fairland Unique technology : Full-inverter ?

The core of Full-inverter Technology is Full-inverter Control System

The Full-inverter Control System controls the compressor and fan motor speed to reach optimized performance. Only Full-inverter Control System can drive the DC-inverter Compressor Hz by Hz and DC-inverter Fan Motor round by round, which leads to the stepless running of the whole system, and brings the most comfortable, healthy & silent environment.
So DC-inverter HPs ≠ Full-inverter HP

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