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Fairland Full-inverter Makes You Able to Swim in Any of 365 Days


Recently, Fairland has released a new animated video starring the mascot of Fairland, the Giant Panda, which is also well-known as China’s national treasure.

It’s a story between the Panda family of three and Fairland pool heat pump. In a light touch of humor, it vividly conveys Fairland’s corporate philosophy of focusing on environmental protection. Caring for the environment is already a top priority. As an enterprise with a sense of responsibility and mission, we care deeply about sustainable development; we take serious on-the-ground actions to protect our planet.

Make You Able to Swim in Any of 365 Days

Meanwhile, we also want to tell every swimming pool owner: you are able to swim in any of 365 days with Fairland Full-inverter, because Fairland Inverter-plus HPs are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. You can tell it from the big smiling face on Panda Daddy, while the numbers on the electricity meter dramatically drops, and the grass in the garden come back to life.

Benefit Every Swimming Pool User

The innovative Full-inverter technology can match pool temperature intelligently with continuous and optimal efficiency. Up to now, Fairland is the only one who successfully developed Full-inverter technology in the global market. Thanks to this technology, Fairland pool heat pumps are saving more on energy and running costs. It benefits every swimming pool user. Fairland is hoping that every family in the world is able to enjoy an extraordinary swimming experience, where they can be embraced with warmth, care and love.

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