FAIRLAND - Full-inverter pool heat pump - the best pool heating solution

FAIRLAND - Full-inverter pool heat pump


1. 50% Running Cost

AVERAGE COP 11 (Air 26℃/ Water 26℃/ Humidity 80%) saves half running cost.


2. AVERAGE 10 Times Quieter

When maintaining pool temp at AVERAGE 50% capacity, the inverter pool heat pump brings a quieter swimming environment with twin-rotary DC inverter compressor and unique ventilation system.


3. LONG Working Life

Low speed running philosophy extends working life.

Fairland Inverter-plus Commercial Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Adopting HP-BOOSTER Technology which ensures highest COP among traditional heaters.

( up to 8.1 at Air 15°C/ Water 26°C/ Humidity 70%)

The heater's COP & Capacity are certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Fairland Inverter-plus Commercial heater's COP and Capacity are certified by TÜV Rheinland.

      Environment friendly R410A gas.

The using of Environment friendly R410A gas in Fairland Inverter-plus Commercial swimming pool heat pump.