Full-inverter® Pool Heat Pump, for a Greener Planet!

According to IEA (International Energy Agency), electricity and heat production are two leading CO2 emission sources globally, accounting for around 42% of total CO2 emissions. Reducing energy use and planting more trees are 2 simple but effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint. But our Full-inverter® pool heat pump can make it happen at one time.

How Can a Full-inverter® Pool Heat Pump Reduce the CO2 Emission?

How Can a Full-inverter® Pool Heat Pump Reduce the CO2 Emission?

When the swimming season starts, the Full-inverter® pool heat pump runs at 100% capacity to heat up the pool in the first 5 days. In the next 175 days, it runs at AVERAGE 50% capacity. The AVERAGE COP is 11.5, double of a conventional ON/OFF pool heat pump. It’s a revolutionary technology leading to half running cost & 10 times quieter. Take 10kW for example, you can save about €277* a year on your energy bill comparing to on/off hp. Half running cost is not a far away dream.

Moreover, you can do a little bit more to go greener. By using the Full-inverter® pool heat pump, you can reduce 789KGs of CO2 emission on a yearly basis, just like planting 40 trees in your backyard!

Just as the old Chinese saying, to kill two birds with one stone. Not only you are saving money but also you are making eco contribution to the world.

One Swimming Pool One Inverter, for a Greener Planet

Since 1999, we position ourselves as a Heat Pump Specialist, endeavor to upgrade our pool heat pump according to the environmental impact of carbon emission. It is part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. That’s the reason why Fairland launched the 1st Full-inverter pool heat pump in the industry four years ago. One Swimming Pool One Inverter is our mission, but also our passion. We will always provide great service and top quality products to benefit the markets, and keep creating the global inverter pool heat pump market along with our partners in the future.

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