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Seeking Excellence: The Evolution of Fairland’s Inverter Technology


Fairland is the pioneer of the inverter swimming pool. Since its establishment, it has been making efforts to bring greater user experience, meet customers’ expectations, and bring them surprises. Its two leaps in inverter technology have proved this point.

Seeking Excellence The Evolution of Fairland’s Inverter Technology

Full-Inverter Technology: Breaking New Ground

In 2014, Fairland rolled out the Full-Inverter Technology for inverter pool heat pump and became a trend leader of the global market. The Full-Inverter Tech has set the pace of the emerging industry. With the core of the full-inverter control system, the Full-Inverter series can achieve stepless operation and be 10 times quieter than the on/off heat pump.
Besides, the technology is highly energy-efficient. The COP of Full-Inverter heat pumps averages 11.5, and users can save enormous running costs.

TurboSilence® Inverter Technology: Achieving Another Breakthrough

In the spirit of seeking perfection, Fairland keeps its pace of innovation. After years of hard work, TurboSilence® Inverter Technology was born in 2019, followed by the new launch of the INVERX series in 2020. Powered by TurboSilence®, the INVERX in turbo mode can heat the pool water quickly at 120% capacity. Ensuring lower noise levels and higher energy efficiency, TurboSilence® Inverter Technology creates a new level in the inverter swimming pool industry. Thanks to TurboSilence® Tech, pool users can harvest better swimming experience.
In the years to come, Fairland will stay true to its cause and make more great progress to provide the ultimate customer experience.