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Start Your Smart Swimming Pool Life with Fairland


In the past few years, smart technology has changed all of our lives, and it is getting smarter and more intuitive all the time. As early as Piscine Global 2016, there were a lot of automation swimming pool products for water quality, pool safety, water filtration, water level management, and remote lighting control. An industry report by EuroSpaPoolNews in 2020 predicted that the smart swimming pool would be a booming market. Future swimming pools will be all with smart technology installed, and this trend is already starting.


Smart Swimming Pool Takes the Hassle Out of Every Family

The technological innovations in the pool industry have made more elements of swimming pools automated than ever before. More and more swimming pool equipment is designed to communicate and interact with each other rather than with humans. It lights up, heats up, and even cleans itself at the touch of a button on a smartphone or tablet.
Furthermore, pool owners are increasingly concerned about saving consumables, water, and electricity. While checking everything through a smartphone or tablet, they prefer to control the machine and change the settings remotely if necessary. Automation can meet such demand for environmentally friendly swimming pools. It saves a lot of time and hassle, and energy as well.

Fairland: Smart Pool Technology to Create Green Swimming Pools

As a technology innovator committed to smart pool, Fairland takes technology to create outdoor life as its corporate mission. Fairland has been developing emerging technologies and new products in the direction of the smart pool all the time. The main focus is on connecting the pool heat pump with other facilities in the courtyard. Take full advantage of automation while minimizing the impact on the environment.

  • Smart Pool Heating Technology Brings 4 Season Swimming Fun to Every Family

A revolutionary breakthrough in pool heating technology, Fairland TurboSilence® Inverter technology enables high-efficient fast heating (TURBO) and ultra-quiet operation (SILENCE) at the same time. Driven by this innovative technology, Fairland INVERX inverter pool heat pumps provide 120% heating capacity for fast heating, featured with 15 times quieter and 3 times energy saving with a maximum COP of 16.5.
The latest pool heater INVERX Jumbo is born for 4 Season Swimming, featured with an operating temperature down to -25°C and SCOP up to 9.2. The combined power of TurboSilence® Inverter technology and EVI technology provides pool owners with a highly efficient and comfortably quieter swimming environment on cold days.
Built-in Wi-Fi and remote control are essential functions of Fairland INVERX inverter pool heat pumps. The real-time power consumption displays on the intelligent touch controller, which is convenient for you to check the running condition at any time.

  • Smart Dehumidification Solution Perfect for Indoor Swimming Pools

Powered by the original Full-inverter technology by Fairland, Inverter-plus Dehumidifier realizes 10 times quieter with only 50% power consumption. Being the global first R32 Full-inverter Dehumidifier, Fairland Inverter-plus Dehumidifier has proven to be the best in its class since its world debut in 2019. At that time, it has been possible to control the pool dehumidifier remotely from an app on the smartphone. It is a highly convenient dehumidification solution to make your swimming pool fit for the future.
Thanks to the high efficiency and quiet operation of Fairland pool products, it has been a cost-saving benefit with low energy and low noise. From now on, pool owners can spend more time enjoying their pool without eye-watching their power bills endlessly. That is the convenience brought by smart pool technology.

Fairland, a Happy Land in Pool World & Outdoor Life

Still, Fairland has a further vision: extending the swimming pool to outdoor courtyard life. “Fairland” is not only a brand but also a happy land in the swimming pool world and even outdoor life. Fairland hopes to create the maximum product value for its partners through smart technology, so that pool owners can enjoy the greatest pleasure of the swimming pool and outdoor courtyard all year round while using Fairland products.
Fairland firmly believes that only by continuously creating exciting products and services, and only by constantly pursuing the core technologies of globalization, can one day lead the global outdoor technological life together. Welcome to join us, to be the leader of outdoor smart technology and the creator of new outdoor life in the world.
If you already have a traditional pool installed in your backyard and are looking for smart solutions to your existing pool, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send your inquiry to today