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From COP to SCOP: A Brief History of Pool Heat Pump Technology


There have been many significant strides made to improve the energy efficiency of pool heat pump equipment throughout the history of the pool industry. The pool heat pump is a brilliant invention by pool heater supplier. With every progression of swimming pool heat pumps, the industry changed rapidly.

The 1960s – 2000s: where COP all began
Heat pumps replaced gas or electric heaters

The first swimming pool heat pump from pool heater manufacturer came into our lives in the 1960s and 1970s. It is the gas pool heater that uses either natural gas or propane to heat the pool fast intermittently.
However, the gas pool heater suffered from a chief drawback: the operating cost to maintain pool temperature is higher. Even today, it typically offers efficiency ratings no higher than 95 percent (COP < 1). In the long run, the gas heater is not the ideal eco-friendly pool heating equipment in wholesale pool heater industry.
After 2000, the arrival of renewal titanium heat exchangers made the on/off pool heat pumps caught on. Yet despite all that, the COP of the on/off pool heat pump is only 5 reached by pool heater supplier. Everyone wants to heat the pool water fast with less money. On/off pool heat pump is far less than what pool owners needed.
2014: the first revolution of COP
Full-inverter tech leads a new trend
The success of the on/off pool heat pumps paved the way for the first revolution of COP. The big step forward came in 2014, as China pool heater manufacturer and supplier, Fairland launched an innovative series of Full-inverter pool heat pumps. It is a highly energy-efficient pool heat pump powered by Full-inverter technology, achieving COP up to 11 on average remarkably.
Since then, the swimming pool heater industry has realized the transformation from on/off pool heat pumps to inverter pool heat pumps. As the creator of the first Full-inverter pool heat pump, Fairland became a trendsetter in the global swimming pool market.

2019: the second innovation of COP
TurboSilence® inverter makes 4 Season Swimming Fun come true

The popularity of Full-inverter pool heat pumps led to the rise of new technology breakthroughs. In 2019, Fairland was the first pool heater company to offer inverter pool heat pumps with independently-developed TurboSilence® Inverter technology. Fairland optimized the TurboSilence control system based on Full-inverter technology, which makes higher COP and lower noise happened at the same time. It’s fair to say that the pool industry has made breathtaking advances ever since because the energy efficiency is higher than ever, and the noise is low as hardly heard.
Furthermore, Fairland has rolled out the "TS+TB" solution (TurboSilence® Inverter tech and Think Bigger) since 2020. This combination can make the yearly COP of an inverter pool heat pump reaching more than 15 (at 30% capacity). Through leading pool heater supplier, it was subsequently introduced throughout the world and has been gaining market favor. 4 Season Gym, 4 Season Fun is no more the pie in the sky; it already became a reality.

2021: the third renovation of COP
TurboSilence inverter redefines the standard by SCOP

As 4 season swimming is the new trend around the globe, the pool heat pump is no longer a seasonal product. It requires a more objective and comprehensive evaluation of the energy consumption over the entire heating season than COP values. Therefore, SCOP, the seasonal energy efficiency of pool heat pumps, became a trending industry topic.
In 2021, Fairland took the lead to introduce SCOP A-rank energy efficiency for pool heat pumps. Featuring both A-rank SCOP (Seasonal COP >7) and COP performance (highest 16.5 with TÜV Rheinland certified), TurboSilence inverter pool heat pump offers the possibility to achieve 4 season swimming efficiently and effectively.
Technology and innovation are top priorities for Fairland pool heat pump facility. But keeping pace with innovation goes beyond technology when it comes to pool heating solution for pool heater supplier. It requires specific practices and mindsets as well. As a technology innovator and pool heater supplier that advocates the new courtyard model of 4 Season Fun, Fairland will discover and create more possibilities to help the pool heat pump industry grow.