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INVERX For Four Season Family Fun


Every durable relationship relies on company and communication, and the parent-child relationship is not excluded from this principle. Making swimming more enjoyable in every season, the INVERX inverter pool heat pump provides an opportunity for families to spend time together. In the following context, we will detail what the INVERX heat pump does to help facilitate a positive parent-child relationship throughout the year.

INVERX For Four Season Family Fun - Fairland Pool Heating Solution

Low-noise operation creates a pleasant atmosphere
Free of compressor noise with the help of the TurboSilence inverter® technology, INVERX can achieve a super-quiet operation. It is the first time we fully solve noise problem without sacrificing capacity in the pool and HVAC industry. As a result, the noise engendered in operation is lower than that of a running refrigerator. The INVERX series has overturned people’s assumptions on a heat pump. Keeping a household pool heated all seasons, the INVERX can foster an optimal environment in which parents and children can enjoy water games, or chatting and bathing in the sun in the comfortable pool.
Enjoy water play in 365 days at a lower cost
The COP of the INVERX series is much higher than traditional fixed-frequency pool heat pumps and can realize double energy savings compared with the Full-Inverter series. After achieving the desired temperature, the heat pump will keep an average 50% heating speed to maintain a stable temperature in the pool. Therefore, using an INVERX can allow user to enjoy swimming with family members at a lower electricity bill than other heat pumps all the year round.
Extend swimming season by working under harsh conditions
The INVERX can work in between the temperature from -15℃~43℃. Therefore, no matter in sweltering days or freezing days, people can enjoy the happiness of family reunions in swimming pools.
User-friendliness makes family pool gatherings more intriguing
Since the INVERX is equipped with a simple and explicit manipulating panel, even children can easily learn to control the heating of pools in their home, which can help them get involved in the preparation of this family activity and thus make it more interesting. What’s more, with built-in Wi-Fi, family users can control the heating of their pools whenever and wherever, which makes family swimming more convenient.
Featuring quietness, easy operation, high performance, and low energy cost, the INVERX series can make four-season aquatic family activities more available, affordable, and admirable. So, choose the INVERX series if you want to install an inverter pool heat pump