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INVERX Entertains Families with Low-noise Tech


Picturing a cosy family holiday in hot summer swimming in pool, hearing every sound of nature and your families, wouldn’t it just be wonderful enough? Sometimes concerns about the noise of  heat pumps for pool do destroy the pleasure from a silent sunny day with your family. Well, maybe you'd better choose a suitable pool heat pump. 

Predominance of Silence Tech
Here, unlike normal pool heat pump, INVERX adopting TurboSilence® Inverter Technology achieves a 15 times quieter level without compressor noise completely. Residential pool heater cares more about creating an environment of relax and silence, in which swimming loves hear only 
the bird singing, wind blowing or families laughing instead of the noise from heat pumps. In this way, get rid of noise but maintain high COP is the first thing energy efficient pool heater focuses on for a relaxing swimming experience. Supporting a noiseless environment for swimmers compared with other normal heat pumps is really an innovative and customer-friendly breakthrough.
Better Parent-child Relationship due to Low-noise
Keeping a qualified household pool for family members enhance close relationships and bond intimacy between parents and children. What INVERX aims at is to provide a 4-season long swimming experience for 4-season fun. Since noise of industrialized machine-pool pump is reduced dramatically, the most efficient pool heater used in household pool will not cover over the nature sound and family laughs that people should really take care of. INVERX delivers an enjoyable swimming experience for parents and children with the support of low-noise tech. No noise bothers you brings psychological peace, and it avoids any chance to mess up with your neighbors. INVERX optimizes the swimming environment so that people are lost themselves happily in the time of water games with family. It’s a new era for pool heat pump with  low-noise tech today!