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Father's Day Gift Guide: Comfort Spa Pool Available Anytime at Home


Every year, Father’s Day is a holiday honoring all the father figures in our life, including fathers, husbands, grandfathers, brothers, and uncles. Every dad deserves some time to himself on this special day. He can pick his favorite leisure and healthy pastime whenever he wants. For dads who are stressed from working long hours, fatigued after long-distance business trips, or need assistance recuperating from a sports injury, spa treatments are the ideal way to relieve stress and tension.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Comfort Spa Pool Available Anytime at Home

ISPA Survey Shows More Men Visit Spas for Stress Relief

Spas are no longer exclusive to women. Men are visiting spas at a higher rate than ever before, increasing from 29 percent in 2005 to 47 percent in 2019, per the International Spa Association's (ISPA) Consumer Snapshot Studies based on 1,000 U.S. spa enthusiasts. And the percentage is still on the rise. In fact, the trend took off as early as 2017, making a previously female-driven activity more popular among men. Men use spas today basically for stress relief. Men can greatly benefit from a pleasant break at the spa after the physical and mental strain they experience at work and during their workouts.

Dads Need Spa Days Too!

This Father’s Day, why not treat dad well with a Spa Day at home? Today, spa technology has just gotten smarter. We can enjoy a comfortable spa experience at home without leaving the doorstep.

How to Have a Relaxing Spa Day for Dad at Home?

 As we all know, the human body is capable of incredible healing. Allowing this energy to rest and do its job is the best way to feel it. Here are some ideas for your inspiration to hold a Spa Day for Dad at home.

For busy dads who have a hectic schedule: Baths in saltwater

One of the advantages of soaking in a saltwater spa pool is that the minerals in the salt are absorbed to replenish the skin, which helps to heal various skin conditions gently. What's better, salt can help him float more easily and stimulate blood flow. This way, dad's body will be in deep relaxation, aiding him in the relief of pain or tension.

For delicate dads who value skincare and grooming: Baths in red wine

If your dad pays attention to skin care, you should prepare a red wine bath for him. The antioxidant properties in wine are beneficial to the body and revitalize the skin. To gently exfoliate the skin, he can soak for 30 minutes and then massage for 90 minutes.

For the sporty dads who are fitness-obsessed: Sports massage

If your dad enjoys sports, soaking in a thorough sports massage will help him heal muscle and tendon injury while flushing out the lactic acid that accumulates following activity. Spa treatment like this is a great way to recover after a workout.

What’s The Perfect Spa Temperature for Dad?

Correctly setting the spa temperature allows dad fully enjoy the spa. Here is a rounded up of reminders.

What is the Proper Temperature for a Spa?

A maximum spa temperature of 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) is most comfortable for health and safety reasons. Maintaining the proper spa temperature benefits cardiovascular health, sleep, headache relief, relaxation, and blood pressure reduction. Therefore, the spa's temperature setting is something that needs attention. 

What Temperature Should I Set My Outdoor Spa to?

If you have an outdoor spa, the temperature should be kept between 36 and 37 degrees Celsius (96-98 degrees Fahrenheit).

How to Maintain the Ideal Spa Temperature?

Spa coverings of high-quality, well-insulated, and air-tight can keep the spa warm through the seasons. But an inverter pool heat pump can also assist in maintaining the water temperature.
Equipped with a versatile Fairland inverter heat pump,  heating a spa/Jacuzzi is just as easy as heating a swimming pool
Equipped with a versatile Fairland inverter heat pump,
heating a spa/Jacuzzi is just as easy as heating a swimming pool.
Thanks to the innovative TurboSilence® inverter technology, the Fairland INVERX series pool heat pumps can efficiently and swiftly heat your water. It can keep your swimming pool at a constant temperature for 4-season swimming and help your spa maintain the proper temperature at all times. You can use the INVERX for direct spa heating as its output water temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius. A single INVERX can solve the heating of swimming pools and spas, making it a rewarding investment in pool equipment in the long run.
It is the INVERX Horizontal installation to a spa at Fairland Experience Center in China.
It is the INVERX Horizontal installation to a spa at Fairland Experience Center in China.
A comfort spa pool available anytime at home is beneficial to rejuvenate dad, the superhero in the family. Massages relax his mind and body, and spa treatments help him groom. What’s more, he can feel your love and concern. Aims to bring the ultimate relaxation of 4-season fun to everyone's home, Fairland ensures a truly enjoyable swimming and spa experience by utilizing cutting-edge technologies of green intelligence. If you're seeking the best pool heat pump for your spa, send the email to, and we'll be happy to help.