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Fairland Won Two Prizes of SPASA


Fairland won two prizes of SPASA
Excellent Performance with Sustainable Product Award & Excellence 2020 National Award

Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia(SPASA), the most prestigious Swimming Pool & Spa industry body in the southern hemisphere, presented 2020 Awards of Excellence at its annual ceremony. Owing to its dedication to energy saving and environment protection, Fairland was awarded with a national-level Sustainable Product Award for InverX again. Two awards within a month fully illustrate that InverX gets popularity across global pool industry.

Fairland was awarded with a national-level Sustainable Product Award for InverX

As 4 season inverter swimming pool advocate, Fairland strives to provide “ultimate customer experiences” by optimizing and innovating Inverter technology. Fairland commits itself to research & development and launches InverX series pool heat pump, which becomes an instant hit across the globe. InverX is able to heat up the pool with extra 20% heating capacity(Turbo Mode) and then runs at average 50% capacity to maintain desired pool temperature, at meanwhile it still runs extremely silence (15 times quieter than On/Off heat pump), even at Turbo Mode. The COP of InverX can reach 16.5, a lot higher than average level for the whole industry. Therefore, the power consumption of InverX is relatively low compared with that of other heat pumps on the market(3 times saving than On/Off heat pump).
Fairland won two prizes of SPASA, Excellent Performance with Sustainable Product Award& Excellence 2020 National Award

Fairland would like to extend our sincere gratitude to SPASA and Summerwave Heat Pumps, our distributor in Australia. We are more than proud to win Sustainable Product Award and regard it as an inspiration for further development in environment-friendly and energy-efficient heat pump. With sustainability as our top priority, we will make unswerving efforts to provide our customers with an environment-friendly, energy-efficient and intelligent lifestyle. Step by step, we are approaching our vision — "4 season Gym, 4 season Fun”.