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Fairland TurboSilence® Inverter Tech for 4 Season Fun Staycation


Due to COVID-19, the world is moving towards a new normal. Now the pandemic is still raging across the globe one year later. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, staycation has become an increasing trend. It is an easy way to take a break without travelling too far, and also without worrying about contracting the virus. Especially, for those families which have new babies these years, they are eager to having family time with their love ones at backyard. 

COVID-19 Brings New Need for Staycation
Therefore, backyard swimming pools is becoming more popular than ever, as COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone looking for getting fun at home. Swimming pools are popular amenities, as a home entertainment area that parents and children can both enjoy. But staycation is not only in hot summer, how to enjoy swimming even in chilly winter days?

Thanks to the innovative TurboSilence® Inverter technology, Fairland INVERX pool heat pump can make it happened, redefining swimming experience of 4 season fun that benefits every family.

 4 Season Fun Staycation with Fairland TurboSilence® Inverter Tech
INVERX, powerd by TurboSilence® Inverter technology, has optimized the whole TurboSilence control system based on Full-inverter technology. It allows Full-inverter compressor and Full-inverter fan motor to run at the optimal speed to achieve the best performance. Meanwhile, without compressor noise, INVERX operates extremely quietly. You and your family can spend relaxing time in a peaceful swimming environment.

Not only that, but INVERX performs well in extreme conditions. It can still quickly heat up the pool water for you in cold days as low as -15℃, allowing you to enjoy the fun of winter swimming during staycation. 

“TS+TB” Solution = 4 Season Swimming Fun
As the first initiator to propose the concept of "4 Season Swimming Fun", Fairland grandly launched the “TS+TB” solution since 2020. It is an all-round solution of TurboSilence® Inverter technology integrated to the concept of “Think Bigger”, aiming to bring end users a better 4 season swimming experience. By picking up a bigger model of INVERX, it can help you to heat much faster while it is sufficient to maintain the water temperature with only 30% heating capacity for achieving the highest COP.
15 times quieter, 3 times energy saving, and 4 season swimming fun, that's all featured by “TS+TB” solution. No longer bound by weather and seasons, everyone is able to enjoy 4 season swimming fun, especially in the depressing days of staycation. You can absolutely cheer the family up and keep them safely entertained.
With the stress of COVID-19, taking time to unwind is necessary now more than ever. Let’s take breaks and have fun at home. It’s time to enjoy swimming with Fairland TurboSilence® at all seasons. Together with Fairland, staycation can be wonderful just as it is.