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Fairland TurboSilence® Inverter Tech Brings 4 Season Swimming Fun


As a one of the best swimming inverter pool heat pump manufacturers pursuing “Ultimate Customer Experience”, Fairland has been striving and elevating technology for more than 20 years. After countless tests and improvements, TurboSilence® Inverter technology was finally born for redefining swimming experience of 4 season fun that benefits every family. 
Pool Heat Pump manufacturer Fairland TurboSilence® Inverter Tech Brings 4 Season Swimming Fun

Turbo+Silence=Powerful Silent Pool Heater

Smart as iOS system on Apple’s, TurboSilence® Inverter technology has the most intelligent inverter control system, allowing Full-inverter compressor and Full-inverter fan motor to run at the optimal speed to achieve the best performance. It makes the swimming pool heat pump powerful as turbo used on cars, meanwhile, it stays peace and quiet without compressor noise. Therefore, you will easily feel the TURBO performance rhythm with the SILENCE operation. 
Thanks to this innovative technology, Fairland’s latest pool heat pump - INVERX performs well in extreme conditions, resisting cold weather even below to -15℃. TurboSilence® Inverter technology ingeniously eliminates weather and season restrictions. From now on, you are able to dive in pool journey from spring to winter whenever. 
Pool Heat Pump manufacturer Fairland TurboSilence® Inverter Tech Brings 4 Season Swimming Fun

"Think Bigger" + INVERX=BEST Experience

Furthermore, in order to maximize “Ultimate Customer Experience”, consumers are wholeheartedly recommended to consider “Think Bigger”, which indicates picking up a swimming pool heater at 2-class higher model. With bigger model, Fairland's pool heat pump INVERX can heat much faster while sufficiently maintains the water temperature with only 30% heating capacity for achieving the highest COP. “Think Bigger” brings better swimming experience, it featured with: 
√ 15 Times Quieter
√ 3 Times Energy Saving
√ 4 Season Swimming Fun 

TS+TB = 4 Season Swimming Fun

Fairland has grandly launched the “TS+TB” solution (TurboSilence® Inverter tech and Think Bigger) since 2020, aiming to bring end users a better 4 season swimming experience. INVERX operates up to 8 or 12 months (depending on local temperature and ambience condition), which means it can extend the sales of swimming pools as well as all related products. Therefore, freeing from seasonal limits, the entire swimming pool industry can benefit from 4 season sales. 
Fairland redefines a high standard for pool heaters and takes the lead to unveil new swimming experience with 4 Season Fun that is more highly-anticipated than ever. Welcome on board with Fairland, let’s work together to dream bigger, sail further!