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Team Fairland Achieves 4-Season Outdoor Life with Expertise & Efficiency


The outdoor life of 4-season is not an unchanging way of life but keeps up with the times. Only with a thorough understanding of the industry and a timely grasp of the trend can we have the ability to accurately judge and achieve the maximum benefits of outdoor life in 4-season for users. It is an opportunity but also a challenge for team Fairland. What are the biggest challenges they have faced as part of their personal growth? We are delighted to invite some teammates to share their stories. 

Team Fairland Achieves 4-Season Outdoor Life with Expertise & Efficiency
“When I joined Fairland for more than one year, I was assigned to handle the new project of swimming pool heat pump alone. I was confused about how to start. But there was only one thought in my mind: this new product must launch. So I learned products, summarized selling points, did in-depth market research, listened to customer needs, and iterated products quickly. Eventually, we successfully launched a technologically innovative pool heat pump to the market. I devoted myself to product learning and customer development with all my passion, and these obsession and efforts now are still hard to forget. – Nelly, Area Manager, 18 Years’ Service in Fairland
“Providing online sales training to more than 60 people, including the customer's sales team and his core dealer team, has been the biggest challenge since I joined Fairland. Being well prepared, I was still nervous. Even though my performance wasn't perfect, it was beneficial for my personal growth and confidence building. Thanks to my team for openly pointing out my problems and room for improvement. It is their constant support that makes me recognize myself better. – Altea, Area Manager, 3 Years’ Service in Fairland
"After-sales work is not just about solving problems. Every time I communicate with customers, I can learn something new. The most profound experience was the first on-site after-sales training for customers, just when I switched from sales to after-sales. I first communicated with the customer about the machine models and the needed parts, and promptly proposed a solution through technical analysis. Besides, I studied a lot of technical documents, rehearsed training speeches with the team many times, and diligently practiced the skills of replacing circuit boards. Because of the adequate preparation, I went to Spain and successfully handled five faulty pool heat pumps on-site for the customer, plus another seven or eight faulty machines outside the plan. That experience helped me grow a lot.” – Stone, After-Sales Support, 11 Years’ Service in Fairland
“I have joined Fairland for almost four years, and I think my biggest challenge is to overcome myself and breakthrough myself. In 2019, I followed the team to attend the exhibition in Cologne, Germany. As a novice, I felt somewhat uneasy while traveling thousands of miles and facing an unfamiliar environment. But the care and concern of teammates, and the scene teaching of negotiating with customers, have benefited me a lot. It cultivated my ability to meet customers independently. Since this business trip, I have become more mature and confident in introducing our company and product technology to customers. A good team is one plus one greater than two. I am very grateful to everyone on the team.” – Laurence, Area Manager, 4 Years’ Service in Fairland
“As a fresh graduate, the biggest challenge should be getting my first client, which was also the first time I realized that, as Sarah said, sales is a process of ups and downs. I followed up for two whole months, thinking that everything would go naturally, but I missed it for some reason. That moment was a crushing blow to me. Later, as I approached other new clients, I gradually realized that the ups and downs in sales were usual. There are valleys and peaks, but we believe we are moving forward in a good direction no matter how many setbacks. – Alicia, Area Manager, 1 Years’ Service in Fairland
These small stories have unforgettable bitterness and hard-earned success. Thanks to the mutual support and encouragement among team members, it has made the tenacious team Fairland. Just as Eileen, Fairland’s Sales Director says: We are one army, one team, one school and one family. Team Fairland will go on purely, enthusiastically, and firmly in the future. Work together with all partners, to achieve the 4-season outdoor life and a shared future for users with the maximum benefit.