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Mother’s Day Party Ideas: Let’s Have a Pool Party Just For Moms!


Mother’s Day is a celebration of a huge blessing to motherhood. As a day honoring the exceptional lady in our life, Mother's Day is celebrated in many parts of the world on different days from February to December, most commonly in May. But whatever month Mother's Day is celebrated, we can throw a backyard pool party for moms, grandmas, aunts, and all her mom friends at any time, where they can enjoy a little girl time without worrying about the kids and household chores.
Mother’s Day Party Ideas: Let’s Have a Pool Party Just For Moms!

How to Throw a Pool Party Only for Moms?

Today's pool owners make the most of their investment by creating new lifestyles around their swimming pools. It can be used to host and entertain with some preparation and planning. All you need is to choose the date and location, invite guests, heat the pool, and create a party atmosphere. We have put together a list of helpful tips to make things easier for you.

1. How to Invite Guests to Moms-Only Pool Party?

While you want to invite all the mom friends, it is best to decide on the guest list based on the size of the party space and the swimming pool. We suggest sending out invitations through Evite or creating a Facebook event where everyone can chat and make plans with each other on the same page. Sending out invitations two to three weeks before the pool party will ensure more people can attend.
Some requisite details of the party must be contained in your invitation apart from the date, time, and location. A list of what guests need to bring is essential, and mainly some personal items include bathing suits, towels, sunscreen, sandals, and extra clothes for change.

2. How to Create a Perfect Party Atmosphere at Moms-only Pool Party?

Since it is a backyard pool party designed just for moms, here are some rules you need to set:
l   No kids allowed. This is going to be the most knotty part. So, getting the kids settled is vital. Try asking other family members or friends to look after for the day, so all moms can get away from the kids and enjoy the party.
l   Bathing suit required. All moms must wear a bathing suit and go swimming. Don't forget to state this requirement in the invitation. And no one will judge what anyone looks like in a bathing suit.
l   It’s okay to be silly. A mom pool party is a perfect time for moms to do whatever they want. Like the kids, why not compete for the biggest splash, have fun with the diving board or pool slide, and play pool volleyball with everyone? Enjoy it!
l   Serve good food & better drinks. You must have yummy food and lots of drinks. Potluck is a good idea to get different varieties at one party. Plus, this is a kid-free party, non-alcoholic and alcoholics both are allowed!
l   Take lots of photos and videos. The mom pool party can be one of the best times of all year. Be sure to take lots of photos and videos of you and your mom friends having fun together. After the party, these funny photos and videos will remind everyone of the good times.

3. How to Be a Good Host at a Pool Party?

As the pool party host, it is vitally important to make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed, such as greeting them at the door, serving them drinks, and telling them where to pick up their food - these are all small but thoughtful things. You can introduce like-minded people to each other and let them have fun together. Just give each person some information about the other so their conversation can get started.
Besides, making sure everyone is safe and has fun is primary. Look around and interact with others during the party. When you find anyone who has drunk too much, give timely assistance and ensure they get home safely.

4. How to Be a Cool Guest at a Pool Party?

When you are invited to a fantastic pool party, how to play it cool but still be polite during the party? Here is some heads-up for you.
l   Arrive and leave the party at the proper time. Don't be the first to arrive at the party. Try to arrive a few minutes after the party starts. When you are aware the people at the party are getting relatively few, just leave.
l   Be a bit more confident. At a party, don't sit by yourself on the sidelines. Try to fit in with everyone, meet new people, and join in playing pool games with them.
l   Be yourself and have fun. Hiding yourself to cater to others is the last thing you should do at a party. Just be yourself. Nothing can stop you from having fun. Dance to the music, or invite people to start a splash competition. Laugh it up!
l   Give yourself a break if needed. If you feel overwhelmed with tiredness all at once, you can ask the party host where you can sit for a quiet break. A minute staying out of the sun will be a polite and decent excuse.

5. Why Do We Need to Heat the Pool for Pool Parties?

While the weather is pleasant in May mostly, it is gracious hospitality to warm up the pool water ahead of time and wait for guests to arrive. Thanks to Fairland, one of the innovative pool heat pump manufacturers with distinction across the globe, has been working hard on the innovation of heat pump inverter technology that allows everyone to enjoy 4-season swimming with maximum fun at any time. Powered by the revolutionary TurboSilence® inverter technology, the INVERX Vertical inverter pool heat pump boosts heating capacity by 20% while running silently, which assists in heating the pool faster and quieter before the party starts. And you don't have to worry about the heating cost or running noise. The high efficiency and low consumption brought by the Fairland INVERX Vertical saves you 3 times energy and creates 15 times quieter swimming environment. All day long, all your pool party guests are able to enjoy swimming as warm as ever, as silent as nighttime.

Final Words

A moms-only pool party is a perfect way to show her love and gratitude. Combined with an exceptional Fairland INVERX Vertical inverter pool heat pump, all can enjoy the ultimate and pleasant 4-season swimming experience, making it a fairyland of relaxation and well-being. And you’ll create a day she’ll never forget, wow her with the best day ever. If you are looking for the best inverter pool heat pump that fits your pool party, contact us via email at

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