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Earth Day 2022 Invest In Our Planet with Fairland


Every year, Earth Day is an opportunity to arouse the awareness of global citizens to care for our planet and protect our homeland. A green future is a thriving future. Exactly like this year's Earth Day initiative, we need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). And it takes year-round efforts from everyone.
Owning a swimming pool may increase energy use, cost more money, and spend extra resources. But as environmentally conscious and responsible pool owners, there are simple yet effective things we can do to make swimming pools more sustainable, renewable, and eco-friendly to our planet.

Earth Day 2022 Invest In Our Planet with Fairland

Support Earth Day, Every Move Counts

For example, we can opt for chlorine-free sanitizers or non-chlorine pool shock to oxidize the swimming pool. Install salt chlorine generators can reduce chlorine consumption as well. In addition, we can upgrade the single-speed pool pump to a variable speed pool pump, which can save more than 70% in energy use. Another way is to cover the swimming pool. Solar pool covers, in particular, will highly reduce evaporation and thus save water. What's more, less pool water evaporation leads to less pool heat loss and fewer chemicals used.
Apart from the above, we can lower the carbon footprint by using energy-efficient pool heat pumps for heated pools. Energy-saving is the key to pool enjoyment. Thanks to the revolutionarily innovative TurboSilence® Inverter technology, Fairland inverter heat pumps are saving 20 billion kWh of electricity globally every year. Even during the cooler months, we can spend less on heating the pool to set temperature, enjoy the pool as much as we like, and extend the swim season from two months to 4-season.

Join Fairland with a Sustainable Future

In line with this year's theme, Invest In Our Planet, smart companies are discovering that the choice is no longer between going green and increasing long-term profits - sustainability is the path to prosperity for all. With its deep expertise in inverter pool heat pump technology, as a 20-year specialist in pool heating solution, Fairland is embedded in technical innovations that will make a difference. Earth day is more than just one day. Fairland is inviting worldwide partners to get on board with a sustainable future. #WhatWillYouDo can change the world. Act now to join #InvestinOurPlanet with Fairland.