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Fairland INVERX Jumbo, a Smart Innovation of TurboSilence® Inverter Tech & EVI Tech


Pool heat pump technology has long been well known. However, today's requirements and the associated complexity of the pool heat pump and its application system development present new challenges. Fairland has always been keen on technological innovation and actively participates in various innovative projects. Fairland INVERX Jumbo pool heat pump, combining EVI technology with independently developed TurboSilence® Inverter technology, is one smart innovation that has surprised the swimming pool industry.


EVI Technology Brings Better COP at Low-Temperature Environment

Traditional pool heat pumps mostly use single-stage compression systems. Although the structure is relatively simple, its refrigeration capacity will be vastly attenuated either in a hot or cold environment. That is due to the compressor and heat exchange capacity not being fully utilized. But EVI technology can solve this problem.
EVI, which stands for Enhanced Vapor Injection, is a sophisticated technology engineered to increase the efficiency of compressors. It realizes two-stage compression with a single compressor. While significantly increasing the refrigerant flow rate in the condenser and the enthalpy difference in the main circulation loop, EVI technology can vigorously improve the efficiency of the compressor.
The most significant advantage is the lower heat loss and the efficiency with decreasing source temperature. Using EVI technology is possible to overcome the limitation of maximum flow temperature than other cold climate heat exchangers encounter. It allows more heat to be transferred, resulting in better COP at much lower temperatures. 

Two Innovative Smart Technologies Combine to Create INVERX Jumbo for 4 Season Swimming

The performance of INVERX Jumbo pool heat pump takes leaps ahead by combining innovative TurboSilence® Inverter technology with EVI technology.
Thanks to the support of EVI technology, INVERX Jumbo has a wide operating air temperature range (from -25°C to 43°C) and an efficient SCOP (greater than 9). As the latest member of Fairland INVERX series, INVERX Jumbo is an inverter pool heat pump born for 4 Season Swimming. It impressed partners and end-users with the ultimate experience of 120% efficient heating, 3 times energy saving, and 15 times quieter operating.
Maintaining high COP at lower temperatures is the most remarkable feature. INVERX Jumbo can work safely and reliably at ambient temperatures as low as -25°C, with a maximum COP of 2.5. Meanwhile, the extraordinary heating power allows water output temperature up to 45°C for spa treatments.

Wide Operating Air Temperature Range Makes 4 Season Swimming Possible in More Regions

These features make Fairland INVERX Jumbo pool heat pump an ideal choice for pool heating in severely cold weather. The wide operating air temperature range of -25℃ to 43℃ breaks the geographical and seasonal restrictions. From now on, we can extend the swimming season to 4 seasons and expand to more regions without being constrained by climate change. That is the magic brought by Fairland.
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