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Fairland INVERX Jumbo Turns Winter Pool Parties into Winter Wonderland


One of the most enjoyable things about owning a swimming pool is gathering family and friends for a pool party. In summer, there is nothing more fun than a pool party. Relaxing in the water and enjoying the sun with family and friends is the perfect way to welcome the long, hot days ahead.


Winter Pool Parties Reunite Your Family & Friends on Holidays

But pool parties are not just popular in the summer. As Christmas and New Year approaches, the reunion is the most important thing. People look forward to spending time with family and friends. It is a good idea to host small but well-planned pool parties where you can enjoy the winter pool fun with those closest to you.

Heat the Pool to a Swim-friendly Temperature is A Must

In addition to decorating for parties, designing water games, and preparing party food and drinks, heating the pool to a swim-friendly temperature is a must. No one wants to swim in a cold pool, especially when it's chilly cold outside. If you try to attract guests into the water, keeping the water temperature around 28-31℃ is the most appropriate.
In the past, to offset the cold weather during the winter party, you might start running the pool heater at least 1-3 days before the event. Thanks to the continuous innovation of swimming pool heating technology, efficient heating in a short time is no longer a knot.

Fairland INVERX Jumbo, Help You Raise the Pool Temperature for Winter Pool Party

As a revolutionary innovation in the industry, Fairland INVERX Jumbo inverter pool heat pump combines TurboSilence® Inverter technology with EVI technology. The most prominent feature is that INVERX Jumbo can operate as usual at a lower temperature of -25℃ with SCOP no less than 9.2. In other words, INVERX Jumbo can heat the pool faster with less energy consumption, which significantly shortens the heat-up time and reduces energy costs, giving you more time and money to prepare for the winter pool parties.
Meanwhile, the water outlet temperature of INVERX Jumbo can be as high as 45℃. Just like firing up your spa, not only enjoy the fun of winter swimming but also the comfort of spa treatments, all of which delights your guests. With Fairland INVERX Jumbo pool heat pumps, you can throw a memorable winter blowout with your family and friends.

Set a Weather-friendly Dress Code for Your Heated Swimming Pool

The hospitality of a winter pool party begins with a weather-friendly dress code, particularly for those who plan to swim in your heated pool. You can prepare plenty of warm towels and extra warm clothes on hand, and remind guests to bring thick bathrobes and large beach towels. To pack some clothes for changing is necessary if they plan on their children swimming. Even if they are not interested in using the swimming pool, remind them to bring their swimsuits - as Fairland INVERX Jumbo can turn the swimming pool into a spa pool that everyone likes.
An exciting winter pool party could brighten a gloomy cold day. Fairland INVERX Jumbo can extend your backyard-living into the holiday season and even beyond. Let us make backyard holiday pool party a warm, inviting activity for family and friends! If you intend to use Fairland INVERX Jumbo to help out at your winter pool party, feel free to contact us at for more details.