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FAIRLAND - Full-inverter® pool heat pump


What is Comfortline Inverter ?

Comfortline Inverter is powered by inverter compressor, it can adjust heating capacity from 20% to 100% intelligently according to different heating demands.


When season starts and heating demand is high, the Comfortline Inverter runs at 100% compressor & fan speed for fast heating.

When maintaining the pool temperature, the inverter pool heater runs at low speed for energy saving with higher COP.

China Fairland Comfortline Inverter

1. AVERAGE COP 9  (Air 26℃/ Water 26℃/ Humidity 80%)

Comfortline Inverter AVERAGE COP is 9 at Air 26°C/ Water 26°C/ Humidity 80%, which means 1kW electricity consumption can provide up to 9kW heat in return. While On/Off Heat pump can only provide 5kW heat as its COP is just around 5.

Comfortline Inverter vs On/Off HP (in 180 days pool season)

Average COP of China Fairland Comfortline Inverter

AVERAGE power consumption (in 180 days pool season)

Average Power Consumption of China Fairland Comfortline Inverter

2. 7 Times Quieter

Thanks to quiet DC inverter compressor, low-speed running philosophy of compressor & fan motor, Comfortline Inverter pool heat pump can offer you super quiet operation by 7dB(A) lower sound pressure at AVERAGE 50% capacity.

Chinese Fairland Comfortline Inverter is very quiet because of DC inverter compressor

3. Other Advantages

- Spiral titanium heat exchanger: enlarge 30% heat exchanging surface


- HP-BOOSTER technology: enable COP 20% higher than On/Off HP in the market


- Saginomiya 4-way valve: fast defrosting

Other advantages of Chinese Fairland Comfortline Inverter.