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TurboSilence Technology - Joke or Revolution?


Since Swiss engineer Mr. Alfred Buch created Turbo technology in 1905, Turbo technology has been existing for 105 years in improving the speed and performance of industrial products.

As the innovator of Full-Inverter tech since 2014, Fairland’s smart engineers benefit from the Turbo technology a lot. Fairland is the only heat pump manufacturer who invested millions of dollars in the past 3 years to build up its unique Inverter Technology R&D center. All those hard working brought the TurboSilence tech to pool industry in 2019.

The contradictory but interesting thing is, Fairland TurboSilence tech not only helps Full-inverter heat pump to generate 120% capacity heating up your pool quicker, but also allows you to enjoy much quieter swimming environment than the high-end inverter heat pumps in the market.

We wish TurboSilence tech will bring you Passion & Peace with uncommon sense.

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